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What's in a Paycheck?
Employment costs are higher than an employee's hourly wage. To determine just how much your company spends on one employee, use the calculator below. Simply fill in the appropriate boxes and then give XL Staffing a call to learn how we can help you cut your costs.

$ Is Actually $? Let's See:

Your Position:
Hourly: $ x 40 hrs/week x 52 weeks = $ yr.
Payroll Burden
FICA (%) $
Medicare (%) $
Fed. Unemployment (% to $7,000) $
State Unemployment (%) $
CA DI ( %) $
Worker's Comp. Ins.
(Your code & rate %)
Mandatory Pre-Paid Medical
($ per-month x 12 months)
Fringe Benefits Burden
(National average is %) Including bonuses, profit sharing, etc. Excludes vacations, holidays, sick days, etc. $
Administrative Cost Burden (Including all HR functions and paperwork)
(National Average is %) $
Total Cost of Employee Per Year $
Productive Time
Total Productive Time Available:
40 hrs./Week x 52 Weeks = 2,080 hours
Less Non-Productive Time
Holidays x 8 hrs. =  
Vacations x 8 hrs. =  
Sick Days x 8 hrs. =  
Personal Days x 8 hrs. =  
Sub-total:   hours
Additional Non-Productive Time: (National average is 30 mins. for full-time employees)
minutes per day x 5 days x 47 weeks = hours
Total Non-Productive Time = hours
Total Productive Time Realized (B) = hours
Take the Total Cost of Employee (A) and divide by Total Productive Time Realized (B). This is your actual hourly cost at 100% efficiency. $
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